author = {Eric Knauss and Daniel Lübke and Sebastian Meyer},
  title = {{F}eedback-{D}riven {R}equirements {E}ngineering: {T}he {H}euristic
	{R}equirements {A}ssistant},
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	(ICSE '09)},
  year = {2009},
  pages = {587 - 590},
  address = {Vancouver, Canada},
  month = {May},
  abstract = {The complexity of today's Software Systems is increasing steadily.
	As a result, requirements for these systems become more comprehensive
	and complicated. In this setting requirements engineers struggle
	to capture consistent and complete requirements with high quality.
	We propose a feedback centric requirements editor to help analysts
	to control the information overload. Our HeRA tool provides analysts
	with important information based on various feedback facilities.
	The feedback is directly given on the input to the editor. On the
	one hand, it is based on heuristic rules, on the other hand, on automatically
	derived models. Thus, when new requirements are added, the analyst
	gets important information on how these requirements fit consistently
	into the existing requirements.},
  journal = {31st {I}nternational {C}onference on {S}oftware {E}ngineering ({ICSE}
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