author = {Eric Knauss and Thomas Flohr},
  title = {{M}anaging {R}equirement {E}ngineering {P}rocesses by {A}dapted {Q}uality
	{G}ateways and critique-based {RE}-{T}ools},
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  month = Nov,
  abstract = {Choosing the right quality level for requirements is still a challenging
	but crucial task. While spending too little effort can result in
	a failed project, spending too much effort on requirements threatens
	the project schedule and the budget. Consequently, formal criteria
	are needed in order to determine from an objective point of view
	whether the quality of requirements is sufficient for a given project
	situation. We propose the use of an adapted Quality Gateway to obtain
	a comparable, repeatable and objective check. Furthermore, the Quality
	Gateway concept can be strongly improved if it is combined with a
	Domain Oriented Design Environment (DODE) to construct adequate requirements
	documentation in the most critical areas beforehand. This way, requirements
	can be observed and fine-tuned for following activities within the
	software development process. This paper presentes the DODE concept
	as a supplemental to adapted Quality Gateways.}