author = {Kai Stapel and Eric Knauss and Kurt Schneider},
  title = {{U}sing {FLOW} to {I}mprove {C}ommunication of {R}equirements in
	{G}lobally {D}istributed {S}oftware {P}rojects},
  booktitle = {Workshop on Collaboration and Intercultural Issues on Requirements:
	Communication, Understanding and Softskills (CIRCUS '09)},
  year = {2009},
  address = {Atlanta, USA},
  month = Nov,
  abstract = {Effective communication of requirements is essen-tial in all software
	projects. In distributed projects communication faces even more and
	bigger challenges due to the narrow communication channels that are
	available. Applying information theory and information flow concepts
	as provided by FLOW to process improvement can help to overcome challenges
	associated with communication of requirements in global software
	projects. We participated in a software project distributed over
	three locations in three time zones. To test the feasibility of our
	FLOW perspective we analyzed the projects information flows. We found
	communication problems that are typical in a global context. Based
	on FLOW theory we developed three new suggestions to overcome these
	problems. Finally, we present a measurement approach that can be
	used to evaluate our suggestions in future global projects.}