author = {Eric Knauss and Kurt Schneider and Kai Stapel},
  title = {{L}earning to {W}rite {B}etter {R}equirements through {H}euristic
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Requirementes Engineering Conference
	(RE '09)},
  year = {2009},
  pages = {387-388},
  address = {Atlanta, USA},
  publisher = {IEEE Computer Society},
  abstract = {Writing good requirements is difficult. Authors of requirements specifications
	need to acquire specific habits and professional writing styles to
	avoid ambiguities. However, gaining and sharing related experience
	and abilities is challenging. Heuristic Critiques offer help in this
	situation. Experience on writing good requirements can be codified
	as heuristic critiques. When integrated in a requirements tool, a
	heuristic critique can automatically check requirements specifications
	and provide constructive feedback (critique), whenever a piece of
	experience is applicable. Observing this feedback helps requirements
	authors to transfer experience in writing, and internalize it. In
	this paper we describe the concept of learning to write better requirements
	through heuristic critiques - both, on an individual level and on
	an organizational level. The proposed concept has been applied in
	several dedicated requirements support tools; it can also be used
	to improve existing tools and methods.}